Rio Celeste

On our most recent trip this past November, Sean and I hiked to many beautiful spots, but there was none more beautiful and worth the walking than our hike to Rio Celeste.  The drive itself to get to the Tenorio Volcano National Park was a difficult one. We drove along a road covered in rocks the size of baseballs and when we finally arrived at the park entrance, the volunteer there told us that it would be a four hour hike there and back.  I am not an avid walker, nor a lover of the outdoors, but Sean had it on his list of things to do/see, so I toughened up and followed closely behind him.

Photo taken by Sean Lou-Hing

In life, nothing worthwhile is easy.  And so to was getting to this beautiful waterfall in the middle of nowhere.  The most spectacular thing about this waterfall is not it’s height or grandeur, but rather, the rare turquoise colour of the water that runs through the river.  The colour is a result of a chemical reaction caused by sulfur and calcium carbonate.


Known as Costa Rica’s hidden gem, it was definitely worth our little adventure.

Photo taken by Sean Lou-Hing


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