Rio Celeste

On our most recent trip this past November, Sean and I hiked to many beautiful spots, but there was none more beautiful and worth the walking than our hike to Rio Celeste.  The drive itself to get to the Tenorio Volcano National Park was a difficult one. We drove along a road covered in rocks the size of baseballs and when we finally arrived at the park entrance, the volunteer there told us that it would be a four hour hike there and back.  I am not an avid walker, nor a lover of the outdoors, but Sean had it on his list of things to do/see, so I toughened up and followed closely behind him.

Photo taken by Sean Lou-Hing

In life, nothing worthwhile is easy.  And so to was getting to this beautiful waterfall in the middle of nowhere.  The most spectacular thing about this waterfall is not it’s height or grandeur, but rather, the rare turquoise colour of the water that runs through the river.  The colour is a result of a chemical reaction caused by sulfur and calcium carbonate.


Known as Costa Rica’s hidden gem, it was definitely worth our little adventure.

Photo taken by Sean Lou-Hing


Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake

When I go to Starbucks, I often get a slice of their lemon and poppy seed loaf to go along with my coffee.  I always thought of trying to make it myself, and when my Dad had requested a cake that wasn’t too sweet for his birthday, 2 weeks ago, I gave it a try.


I used the recipe for Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf (with sour cream) from Canadian Living.


I even made it again for when we had our grief care group over tonight.  A sweet lady who is a part of our group, says she never eats sweets, had seconds!  I’m going to take this as two thumbs up!

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” – Victor Hugo

My Mom used to tell me this story from the time I was little.

There was a man who stole a loaf of bread to help his starving family and was caught and imprisoned.  He was then released, but because people were so unkind to him, he sought refuge at a church, where a kind priest took him in.  In spite of the kindness that the priest had shown this man, his hardened heart led him to steal silver candlesticks from the church.  Soon after running from the scene, the police caught him and were about to make the arrest, when the priest came out and explained to them, that the silver was a gift that he had given to the man, and that he had not stolen it from him.  With the mercy and grace that this priest had shown the man that night, he spent the rest of his life helping and giving back to others.  Little did I know at the time that this story was right out of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.  I have always wanted to go see the musical, and being as it is in town again, this past Sunday, my husband took me to see it.  The story is as beautiful as I remember my Mom telling it to me, and the music was breathtaking.  I literally caught myself holding my breath as each note was held and another was sung.